Commissioners Court - Regular   4. A. 5.          
Meeting Date: 09/04/2013  
Personal Services Contract - Gretchen Arnold for Air Quality Standards and Monitoring
Department: Commissioners Court Admin

Discuss and consider execution of a personal services agreement with Gretchen Arnold for the purpose of obtaining accurate information about air quality, complying with air quality standards, monitoring and participating in formulation of proposed air quality regulations.
The County in the past has had these services provided by Bill Hennings.  Entering into this contract would continue the County's participation in the air quality group.  Other public entities would have contracts directly with Gretchen Arnold as well.
The contract is in the amount of $5,000 for one year ending September 3, 2014.  Services by Gretchen Arnold would include:

• Monitor proposed rulemakings and legislation regarding ambient ozone and particulate matter, and coordinate efforts to encourage regulatory authorities and lawmakers to rely on scientific evidence to reach reasonable decisions;
• Maintain a diverse community support group for clean air initiatives;
• Maintain relationships with other organizations to take advantage of their experience and marshal their support on air quality issues;
• Identify, analyze, and direct research needed to develop cost effective ways to control and reduce air pollution, and suggest efforts to obtain funding;
• Analyze ozone and particulate matter monitoring results and analyze trends to assess progress;
• Assist in preparation of Ozone Advance “Path Forward” letter to the U.S. EPA that includes Nueces County initiatives to reduce ozone forming emissions to be submitted to the U. S. EPA by December 31, 2013;
• Brief Nueces County Commissioners and staff on progress and trends in ozone monitoring readings and trends as needed.

Contract - Gretchen Arnold
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