Commissioners Court - Regular   4. A. 3.          
Meeting Date: 07/24/2013  
Bob Hall Pier Kitchen Renovations - IFB 2923-12 - Change Order No. 2
Department: Coastal Parks

Discuss and consider approval of Change Order No. 2 for an increase of $10,000.00 to HSC Electric Company for Bob Hall Pier Kitchen Renovations.
On March 13, 2013 Nueces County entered into a contract with HSC Electric Company for renovations at the existing Bob Hall Pier Concession Bldg.  Change Order No. 1 for $22,920.60 was approved at Commissioners Court on April 30, 2013. Change Orders approved by Park Board of Commissioners on April 23, 2013 at its regularly scheduled meeting.

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Source of Funds: 2004 CO's Amount Requested: $10,00.00 Fiscal Year: FY 12/13 Budgeted Y/N: Y
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Bob Hall Pier Kitchen Renovations
Project 19152812

Bob Hall Pier Renovation - CO#2