Commissioners Court - Regular   4. A. 11.          
Meeting Date: 09/19/2012  
Department: District Clerk

Discuss and consider approving an amendment to the customer agreement between the District Clerk's Office of Nueces County and Texas NICUSA, LLC for eFiling services.
The District Clerk’s Office offers the public the opportunity to file their cases on line thru BearingPoint). The rules and fees are outlined in an original contract signed by the Commissioners’ Court in 2005.
The Texas eFiling program is entering a period of transition that will require new fees and new terms and conditions. This requires an amendment to our Customer Agreement that includes: extending the contract thru February 2014, requiring a 12 month written notice of termination of our agreement and increasing the service fees by $1 (paid by the filer).

NICUSA -eFiling amendment