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Commissioners Court - Special Meeting
Meeting Date: 11/27/2012  
Engineering Services Contract with Naismith (NEI) for the Master Development Plan for Padre Balli Park Facilities
Submitted By: Ginny Gunderson, Commissioner Pct 4
Department: Commissioner Pct 4  

Discuss and consider the recommendation of the Nueces County Board of Park Commissioners to select an engineer/architect and enter into a professional services contract with Naismith Engineering, Inc., (NEI), for the Master Development Plan for Padre Balli Park Facilities.
Nueces County Board of Park Commissioners meets annually to define the next year’s goals and objectives for the Department in an effort to provide quality services and facilities to its users. The Board sets priorities by capitalizing on current assets and improving upon or implementing additional assets that have definitive revenue generating capability to off-set departmental operations and thereby producing cost savings to the Nueces County taxpayer.

Padre Balli Park RV/Tent facilities have remained virtually unchanged since they were developed. They are out of date with today's current industry standards and as such do not capitalize on revenue generating potential. The RV market is very strong and produces consumers year round. Marketing analysis done internally by the Department and with the assistance of independent outside consultants indicates that to become a more significant destination for this type of recreational user we must make improvements to our facilities if we truly want to remain a viable choice in this industry. The research, user surveys, and comparison with other like facilities also shows that the potential for achieving a 100% return on our initial investments can possibly be accomplished in the first two years. Because of our very strategic location in relation to the future development plans of private industries in the travel industry that have target North Padre Island for development, the timing of making these improvements is now and critical.

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Naismith Agreement - Padre Balli Master Plan

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