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AI- 4547   3. J.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 08/07/2013  
DTA Agreement for Motor Vehicle Point of Sale with Port City Imports-Hyundai
Submitted For: Kevin Kieschnick, Tax Assessor-Collector
Submitted By: Vicki Keach, Commissioners Court Admin
Department: Commissioners Court Admin  

Ratify/ Approve execution of a Motor Vehicle License Point of Sale Sticker Lease Agreement with AN Corpus Christi Motors, Inc., d/b/a AutoNation Hyundai Corpus Christi and discuss and consider termination of Doc. No. 200600182-B, “Champion Hyundai”.
For the sake of public convenience and pursuant to the Texas Transportation Code the Tax Assessor-Collector through agreements has authorized numerous area automobile distributors to act as an agent of the Tax Assessor-Collector in the issuance of title application/motor vehicle sales tax receipts (form 31), point of sale stickers (stickers) and license plates, hereinafter referred to as supplies, at its place(s) of business. These agreements also provide for the lease of the necessary equipment for these task(s).
The purpose of this Motor Vehicle License Point of Sale Sticker Lease Agreement is to accurately reflect the new trade name under which AN Corpus Christi Motors, Inc. is operating. Previously, AN Corpus Christi Motors, Inc. was doing business as Champion Hyundai. Now, as set out in this new agreement they are operating under the trade name of AutoNation Hyundai Corpus Christi, therefore the need to terminate Champion Hyundai.

FISCAL IMPACT: No fiscal impact.

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ANCorpus Christi Motors, Inc. dba AutoNation Hyundai

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