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AI- 9629   3. J.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 07/11/2018  
Capital Equipment Purchase Request
Submitted By: Dina Chavez, Health Department
Department: Health Department  

Authorize Health District to purchase the following capital equipment items for the operations of the 1115 Waiver Program to enable it to achieve the community public health objectives of the program:
1. White Board
2. 4 Personal Computer (PC) Docking stations
3. BOD POD Mobile Trailer Advertising Wrap
4. Personal Computer (PC)
5. Conference Table
According to the Reformed City-County Cooperative Agreement to Operate a Public Health District, all purchasing functions for the Health District are placed under the City Purchasing Department; however, capital purchases/expenditures equal to or greater than $1,000.00, and Items <$1,000.00 on the County exception list, must be pre-approved by the County before being purchased so the County can reimburse the City for purchasing the capital equipment for the Health District.
Following City Purchasing Department Policy & Procedures, the Health District obtained the following pricing quotes from the City Purchasing Department for the following items:
1. White Board@$7,671.85
2. 4 PC Docking stations@$627.00
3. BOD POD Mobile Trailer Advertising Wrap@$3,345.00
4. PC for Senior Nurse Practitioner@$1,172.55
5. Conference Table@$2,935.00
Total: $15,751.40

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1115 Waiver Capital Items

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