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AI- 9057   3. I.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 11/29/2017  
Submitted By: Margaret Meade, County Auditor
Department: County Auditor  

Authorize the acceptance of $1,293.73 in contributions to the "Friends of the Courthouse, $500.00 contribution to the Emergency Training Fund; $9,836.78 contribution to Social Services Department; $6,000.00 contribution to County Commissioner's Precinct 1, $20,100; contributions to Constable Precinct 2 special revenue account; $2,441.10 contribution to the Library Board; and $600.00 contribution to JP Judicial Fund for special purposes.
In accordance with the Local Government Code sec 81.032 , the commissioners court may accept a gift, grant, donation, bequest, or devise of money or other property on behalf of the county for the purpose of performing a function conferred by law on the county or county officer.
Various individuals or businesses have contributed funds toward the above mentioned county departments. Please see the list attached.  A special revenue fund or other fund has been established for the purpose.  All these contributions are tax deductible and we recommend acceptance with special thanks.

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