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AI- 8822   4. B. 2.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 09/20/2017  
Pre-trial Assessment Grant - Texas Indigent Defense Commission
Submitted By: Tyner Little, Commissioners Court Admin
Department: Grants Department  

Discuss and consider approval of grant application and adopt a resolution for a pre-trial assessment program from the Texas Indigent Defense Commission.
The Texas Indigent Defense Commission (TIDC) was created to allow the state courts system to collaborate with local courts and counties to improve indigent defense services available in the counties’ courts. Pursuant to Texas Government Code §79.037, the Commission makes payments, including grants, to counties to provide indigent defense services.
Nueces County seeks grant assistance to implement a new pre-trial assessment process to improve coordination of indigent defense processes and to reduce unnecessary and costly pre-trial detention. The proposed program consists of two new staff positions to be located under the supervision of the District Courts and Adult Probation Department and a research component to assess the impact of the program.

Nueces County requests 100% grant funding for the full program budget ($197,440). If the full budget is not eligible for TIDC grants, the County requests that the full cost of the research component and start-up equipment costs be covered by the grant, and at least 50% of personnel costs, for a total of $121,815.

The County has been informed that the grant award, which will presented at a later Court date, will cover 75% of the personnel costs for a total grant award of $160,000.

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