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AI- 8677   4. C. 6.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 08/09/2017  
Review of the Dune Protection Line
Submitted By: Irma Weaver, Public Works
Department: Public Works  

Discuss and consider authorizing publication of legal notice in the Caller Times newspaper for a Public Hearing to consider modifications to the existing Dune Protection Line, pursuant to the Nueces County Beach Management Plan.
The Nueces County Beach Management Plan requires publishing a legal notice at least three times in the newspaper with the largest circulation in the county, not less than one week not more than three weeks before the date of the Public Hearing prior to modifying the existing Dune Protection Line. The General Land Office must be notified in writing.
The Dune Protection Line is to be reviewed every 5 years, and is based upon the location of the line of Mean High Tide.

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