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AI- 8601   4. B. 1.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 07/26/2017  
OPSG 2015 Grant Funded Vehicles
Submitted By: Cynthia Martinez, NCSO
Department: NCSO  

Discuss and consider increasing the Sheriff's Office fleet by two (2) 4x4 Pickup Trucks and two (2) Rescue Boats as awarded by the OPSG 2015 Grant.
The Sheriff's Office has been awarded funds to purchase two new 4x4 pickup trucks and two rescue boats with trailers through the Operation Stonegarden 2015 Grant. Total awarded funds for this equipment is $102,500.00 ($67,500-Trucks and $35,000-Boats. No In-Kind Contribution required.
Nueces County has 70 miles of natural beaches and has just assumed ownership of six more miles of beach land located on the southeast corner of Kleberg County. Currently, Nueces County Sheriff’s Office does not own any four-wheeled vehicles that can be used to provide law enforcement response or patrol activities, both on land and in the waterways.

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Watercraft Approval
Watercraft Waiver & Justification
Court Minutes - June 16, 2016
Two Trucks Awarded in Grant

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