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Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 12/01/2016  
Nueces County Historical Commission
Submitted By: Vicki Keach, Commissioners Court Admin
Department: Commissioners Court Admin  

Nueces County Historical Commission
All members of this board expire at the same time every two years and all members with the exception of Peggy Bickham, who passed away this year, are asking for another term.
Anita Eisenhauer, chair, submitted a letter with the names of those requesting reappointment:
Anita Eisenhauer, John Lloyd Bluntzer, Sarah Bowman, Michael Carlisle, Norman C. Delaney, PhD, Paige Dinn, William Havelka, Karen Howden, James Klein, Toni L. Nagel Mason, Mary Jo O’Rear, Penny Pillack, Christine Reiser Robbins, Mark Robbins, James Rome, Rex H. “Jim” Stever, Kathy Wemer, Helen Wilk, Debbie Zuniga, Laurie Turner, and Barbara Welder.
Recommend reappointing all current members listed above.

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Nueces County Historical Commission
Letter of request from A. Eisenhauer

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