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AI- 7713   4. A. 3.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 09/14/2016  
INTERLOCAL AGREEMENTS - between Nueces County and participating Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Action Plan
Submitted For: Danielle Hale Submitted By: Christopher Boyce, Emergency Management
Department: Emergency Management  

Discuss and consider proposed Interlocal Agreement between Nueces County and participating jurisdictions to develop a multijurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Action Plan.
Nueces County applied for and was awarded an $111,000 grant through the Texas Department of Public Safety from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to develop a multijurisdictional hazard mitigation action plan. The required local cost match ($27,750) will be shared amongst the participating jurisdictions: Nueces County, Corpus Christ, Port of Corpus Christi Authority, Port Aransas, Robstown, Bishop, Driscoll, Agua Dulce and Petronila. Additionally, the interlocal establishes a commitment and a cooperative working relationship between all participating jurisdictions in the development and implementation of the Hazard Mitigation Action Plan in accordance with Title 44 of the Federal Code of Regulations (CFR) Part 201.6. The plan develop with be completed with the assistance of a qualified consultant.
Mitigation plans form the foundation for a community’s long-term strategy to reduce disaster losses and break the cycle of disaster damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage. The Participating Jurisdictions in a mitigation planning process would benefit by: identifying cost effective actions for risk reduction; directing resources on the greatest risks and vulnerabilities; building partnerships by involving people, organizations, and businesses; increasing education and awareness of hazards and risk; aligning risk reduction with other community objectives; and providing eligibility to receive federal hazard mitigation grant funding.

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