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AI- 7504   4. C. 1.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 07/13/2016  
Project: CR52 Extension from CR 69 to FM 1889 Change Order No. 1
Submitted By: Linda Sheffield, Public Works
Department: Public Works  

Discuss and consider the approval of Change Order No. 1 to contract with Haas-Anderson Construction, Ltd. related to the County Road 52 extension from CR 69 to FM 1889.
On March 9, 2016 Nueces County entered into a contract with Haas-Anderson Construction, Ltd. for the construction of the CR 52 Extension from CR 69 to FM 1889. 
Change Order No. 1 compensates the contractor, $21,100 for the removal of the 24" pipe culvert and the installation of an 18" pipe culvert.  The 24" culvert was placed too high and does not allow for adequate placement of roadway base over the culvert.  The change is necessary due to the lowering of the roadway profile as a result of a change in the design of the existing water canal.  The increase in contract time is seven (7) calendar days needed to remove and replace the culvert. 

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Source of Funds: 2015 CO's Amount Requested: $21,100.00 Fiscal Year: FY15/16 Budgeted Y/N: Y
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Commissioner PCT 1
County Rd 52, Phase II Project

CR 52 Extension from CR 69

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