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AI- 7475   4. E. 3.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 07/13/2016  
Reclassification of Accounting Assistant and Senior Accounting Assistant for Department 1200
Submitted By: Letty Acevedo, Tax Office
Department: Tax Office  

Discuss and consider approval of the following position changes to the Tax Office (1200):
A.  Reclassify Sr. Accounting Assistant position (PG 17/1) to Accounting Assistant
      position (PG 16/1).
B.  Reclassify Sr. Clerk II position (PG 15/1) to Title Rejection Clerk position (PG 16/1).
The Senior Accounting Assistant position is pay group 17/01 and Accounting Assistant position pay group is 16/01. The current budgeted position annual salary is $29,827.20. The Senior Clerk II position is pay group 15/01 and requested job title position name change Title Rejections Clerk pay group is 16/01. The current budgeted position annual salary is $27,102.40. The Senior Accounting Assistant position and Senior Clerk II position both have been unfrozen in previous Commissioners Court meetings and are both vacant. Decreasing the Senior Accounting Assistant position one pay group while increasing the Senior Clerk II position one pay group will have a minimal fiscal impact on the County.
The Senior Accounting Assistant (Tax Assessor-Collector Department 1200) duties have decreased due to office procedural changes. The newly requested job title change position Title Rejections Clerk is needed to deal with the increase of new motor vehicle unfunded state mandated related duties.

Budget Information
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Title Rejection Clerk - Job Description

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