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Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 06/08/2016  
Approve Nueces County Truancy Policy
Submitted By: Tyner Little, Commissioners Court Admin
Department: Commissioners Court Admin  

Discuss and consider approval of the Nueces County Truancy Policy, as recommended by the Nueces County Truancy Committee.
New legislation in 2015 required the Mayor of Corpus Christi (largest city in county), and the Nueces County Judge to appoint members of a committee to make recommendations of a uniform truancy policy for all the school districts in Nueces County. The representatives that were appointed are in a spreadsheet attached herein.

The committee has been meeting monthly since December of 2015. The attached policy is the recommended uniform policy.

The committee developed the uniform truancy policy and procedures for Nueces County to adhere to recent law changes passed by the state legislature.  The committee made recommendations in developing Nueces County school district strategies to address prevention and intervention of truant conduct. To highlight, recommendations were made to streamline the number of Courts hearing truancy cases, and to utilize the City’s Juvenile Assessment Center as a prevention and intervention tool. A recommendation was developed to track and share truancy information within Nueces County. The final report also suggests, for your consideration, the implementation of a future Nueces County committee to develop specific protocol to place the Nueces County Truancy Committee’s recommendations into action.

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