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AI- 7386   4. D. 1.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 06/08/2016  
Mosquito Control on Uninhabited Property
Submitted By: Mary Jane Guerra, Public Works
Department: Public Works  

Discuss and consider adopting a Resolution and Order to allow the treatment of stagnant water with a mosquito larvicide in the rural areas of Nueces County.
The Texas Health and Safety Code, Subchapter B, Section 341.019 allows counties to enter private residential property which is abandoned or uninhabited due to foreclosure to apply mosquito larvicide to stagnant water.
The use of mosquito larvicide on uninhabited property will aid in controlling the mosquito population which can carry a variety of arboviruses including the Zika virus.

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Section 341.019
Notice of Mosquito Control
Mosquito Control Order

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