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Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 03/09/2016  
Aplomado Falcon Safe Harbor Cooperative Agreement
Submitted By: Monica Rodriguez, Coastal Parks
Department: Coastal Parks  

Discuss and consider the execution of a Safe Harbor Agreement between the Peregrin Fund Foundation and Nueces County for the reintroduction of Aplomado Falcons on the recently purchased property in Kleberg County.
Nueces County Coastal Parks recently executed a grant contract approved by the Court for Gulf Coast Conservation Restoration in the amount of $40K.  Listed in that scope of work that was funded, was the cost to construct and place (6) Aplomado nesting boxes.  Coastal Parks Department has been collaborating with both UWSF and the Peregrin Foundation on the biological approach to carry out the proper installation and placement of these nesting boxes.  The execution of a Safe Harbor agreement protects the land owner (Nueces County) should we ever decide to disengage with this restoration work.  The Safe Harbor Agreement and affiliated information (see attached) has also been vetted by the County Attorney's office.
There are no budget commitments for the County or Coastal Parks in executing this Safe Harbor Agreement.  All activity with this restoration work is covered under a previously executed grant of which the Court approved.  The Safe Harbor Agreement also does not create any future fiscal responsibility for the County or Coastal Parks Department.  The upkeep and maintenance, once the nesting boxes are put in place is virtually none existing.  The previously executed grant allowed for additional nesting boxes to be built and will be used for spares, should any of those installed become damaged or vandalized.

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