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AI- 7137   4. A. 6.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 03/09/2016  
Juvenile Dept. Personnel Changes
Submitted By: Deanna Saldana, Juvenile Department
Department: Juvenile Department  

Discuss and consider the following changes in Juvenile Probation Dept.: (1) Elimination of the Volunteer Coordinator position; (2) Reassignment, reclassification and job title change to the Juvenile ISP Officer- Make Amends Program (MAP) Supervisor position; (3) Reassignment- ISP Officer position.
The Juvenile Probation Dept. sustained an $81,000 decrease in our TJJD funds for FY 2015/2016 budget.
Due to the budget impact to TJJD funds, the Juvenile Probation Dept. is requesting to eliminate (vacant) Volunteer Coordinator position in TJJD dept. 2826 and transfer these duties to the Juvenile ISP Officer-MAP Supervisor position and change the job title to Community Programs Coordinator Supervisor, currently occupied by employee #07325. The salary budgeted for the Volunteer Coordinator position will be used to fund the reclass of the ISP Officer-Map Supervisor position from pay group 25 (Non-Exempt) to pay group 26 (Exempt) and various other services to include placement. If the reclassification is approved, requesting to reassign this position from dept.3480 to TJJD funds dept.2826. For the reassignment request of the Juvenile ISP Officer-MAP Supervisor position, the Juvenile Probation Dept. is requesting to reassign an ISP Officer position (employee #08107) in TJJD dept. 2826 to dept. 3480, both positions are currently at pay group 25/4.

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