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AI- 7019   3. M.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 01/20/2016  
Interlocal Agreement with ESC2
Submitted By: Mike Biddle, Information Technology
Department: Information Technology  

Approve execution of agreement with the Education Service Center Region 2 to provide access to their private wide area network.
Nueces County has been part of an Interlocal Agreement with the Education Service Center Region 2 (ESC 2) since 1999. ESC 2 provides access to their Private Wide Area Network and support services. Originally ESC 2 provided email services for Nueces County and then access to the Internet. Currently, ESC 2 provides a 60mbps Optiman circuit to their network and access to the Internet, which also includes spam filtering and firewall services.
The new Interlocal Agreement is to provide access to the ESC 2 Private Wide Area Network,  upgrade our bandwidth to 200mbps, and to provide access to the Internet and support services. The annual cost of the services will be $62,400.

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ESC2 Interlocal Agreement
ESC Contract

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