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Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 11/18/2015  
Nueces County Personnel Rules
Submitted By: Tyner Little, Commissioners Court Admin
Department: Commissioners Court Admin  

Discuss and consider Nueces County hiring practices and procedures, and the provisions of the Nueces County Personnel Rules, including Sections 2.13, 2.14, 2.15, 2.16, and 2.19, and take any action as appropriate, and related matters.
Possible items for discussion:

The Human Resources grading system for applications. 

Conflicts of interest in evaluating job applications.

The requirement that every job opening be approved by the commissioner’s court before the department head can go out to look for a replacement. 

Something in the personnel policy that addresses the Attorney General Opinion by Greg Abbott about “an elected official’s authority over his or her employees”  See the attached Attorney General Opinion.

Elected officials and department heads being able to specify the minimum or maximum requirements for a job position and then having the right to review “all” the applicants if they so choose.

The specifically referenced sections of the Personnel Policy provide as follows:


2.13 Request To Fill Vacant Positions: Each Elected Official/Department Head must submit a Nueces County Personnel Action Request Form to the Department of Human Resources with the necessary specifications of the vacancy. For the convenience of county departments, a supply of these forms will be maintained in the Department of Human Resources and on the County’s Intranet. The Director of Human Resources will then process the completed form through the Auditor's office to the Commissioners Court for approval. Given such approval by the Commissioners Court, the Director of Human Resources will then forward to that department head, a certified list of eligible applicants to fill the position.

2.14 Applications: Applications for non-clerical jobs are only accepted for positions for which the County is currently recruiting.
Individuals wishing to apply for an open non-clerical position must submit a completed Nueces County Form 2 (NCF-2, "Employment Application"), and any other documents required by the announcement, prior to the closing date for each position for which they wish to be considered. Resumes will be accepted in addition to the completed application.

2.15 Prescreening and Certification: To insure that minimum qualifications are met, the Department of Human Resources shall screen each application for each position to ensure each candidate has the minimum training, education, experience, and any special requirements necessary for the position. Those applicants meeting the minimum qualifications shall be referred to the appointing department in the form of a "CERTIFIED LIST of NON-CLERICAL APPLICANTS." These certification list(s) will be active for 90 days. Vacancies that occur in positions for which the current certified list offers qualified applicants may be filled from the current list(s). The appointing authority may also request a new list, even if a current certification list is in effect. The pre-screening and certification process stated herein will not apply to county employee positions such as the County Agriculture Extension Agent, wherein a state agency or other source provides for pre-screening and certification.

2.16 Interview of Applicants: Elected officials/department heads will be responsible for deciding who to interview from the list of certified applicants that is provided by the Department of Human Resources. Final selection for each position will be made from this list of applicants. If there is more than one position vacant in the same class that is being recruited, the appointing authority may select applicants from the same list.

2.19 Register for Clerical Positions: The name of each clerical position applicant who takes the civil service exam will be placed on the Register in order of ranking. Individual position ranking on the register will be based on evaluation of the civil service exam score, past experience, and the education level of each applicant. County employees are given preferential treatment by having an additional 5 points added to their overall score. Scores on the register are good provided the application is renewed as specified in this Chapter.

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