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AI- 6708   3. L.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 10/14/2015  
Personal Services Contract-Charlotte Nichols
Submitted By: Mike Biddle, Information Technology
Department: Information Technology  

Approve personal services agreement with Charlotte Nichols for consulting and technical services involving the Odyssey case management system.
The Odyssey case management system was approved for implementation by Commissioners Court in 2007. Currently the civil portion of the system has been implemented for District Clerk and courts, and has also been upgraded to include electronic filing of civil case information. The criminal system is the remaining portion of the Odyssey project that needs to be implemented.
The criminal system will involve the courts, District Clerk, District Attorney, and Jail. The system will have the ability to pre-file cases, exchange information with the jail, store case information and documents, manage prosecutor indictments, file case dispositions, and provide for the reporting of case information to the state and Department of Public Safety. The Information Technology Department relies on assistance and  technical support from Tyler Technologies and county resources to configure the software, build tables, design forms, convert existing criminal data, develop work flow processes, test applications, conduct training, debug errors with programs or data, address technical issues, upgrade patches and software, install hardware, setup servers, install and manage databases, install network connections and services, manage storage space requirements, and provide assistance to the departments for operational problems and technical issues.

The Information Technology Department is currently in the process of hiring additional personnel to support the Odyssey system, but requires additional expertise to assist in and expedite the implementation of the criminal system. The Texas Conference of Urban Counties offered assistance over the past several months by providing consulting and technical services from Charlotte Nichols at no additional cost to Nueces County. Since the TechShare group at the CUC is being disbanded as of September 30, 2015, and Charlotte's agreement with the CUC also expired as of September 30th.

The technical expertise provided by Charlotte during the past several months is exceptional and has been a big help in planning the implementation of the criminal system. There is a lot of work remaining, and it is recommended that we outsource services via a professional services agreement to Charlotte Nichols to expedite the process of implementing the criminal system and reduce the time and effort necessary to get the system on-line.

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Case Management Project
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