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AI- 6694   6. B.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 10/14/2015  
Regional Health Awareness Board
Submitted By: Vicki Keach, Commissioners Court Admin
Department: Commissioners Court Admin  

Regional Health Awareness Board
13 members representing a cross-section of health, environmental and social interests.
• 2 appointed by the City Council, City of Corpus Christi
• 2 appointed by the Nueces County Commissioners Court
• 2 appointed by the San Patricio County Commissioners Court
In addition, organizations appointing members are:
(One each additional member by the above mentioned three entities)
• Port Industries of Corpus Christi (2 members)
• TX A&M Corpus Christi (1 member)
• TX A&M Kingsville (1 member)
• Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, Region VI (1 non-voting member)
• Region 13 (1 non-voting member)
• US Environmental Protection Agency, Region VI (1 non-voting member)

TERMS: Each governing body will appoint one of their original community member appointees to a two-year term and the other appointee to a three-year term. Subsequent appointments should be for three-year terms.
Recommend reappointment to Place 1. The position is currently held by Dr. William Burgin and he has requested to continue service.

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Regional Health Awareness Board
William W. Burgin Jr.- Regional Health Awareness Bd.

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