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Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 09/30/2015  
Order Designating the EM Vehicle as Authorized Emergency Vehicle
Submitted By: Danielle Hale, Emergency Management
Department: Emergency Management  

Discuss and consider adoption of an order designating the emergency management vehicle as an authorized emergency vehicle.
Section 541.201 of the Texas Transportation Code allows a commissioners court to designate a county-owned or county-leased emergency management vehicle as an authorized emergency vehicle. An authorized emergency vehicle under chapter 546 of the Transportation Code may be equipped with audio and visual signals (sirens and lights) enabling its use under certain circumstances and with some limitation to pass through red lights and exceed maximum speed.
Commissioners Court has previously purchased and assigned a county vehicle for the Nueces County Emergency Management Department for use by the County Emergency Manager to carry out her official duties.

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Order Designating EM Vehicle as EV

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