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AI- 6591   3. U.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 09/16/2015  
Approve execution of Agreement Amendment No. 2 with Martin Marietta Materials for IFB No. 2938-13 Aggregate Type PB, Grade 4, LRA.
Submitted By: Elsa Saenz, Purchasing Department
Department: Purchasing Department  

Approve execution of Amendment No. 2 to Agreement with Martin Marietta Materials for IFB No. 2938-13 Aggregate Type PB, Grade 4, LRA (Limestone Rock Asphalt).
The contract is to furnish the Nueces County Department of Public Works with approximately forty thousand (40,000) tons of Aggregate Type PB, Grade 4, LRA (Limestone Rock Asphalt) for a term of twelve (12) months with the option to renew. Each renewal; if mutually acceptable to the Bidder and Nueces County, will be in twelve (12) month increments, not to exceed two (2) additional years past the initial term.

The contract amount for goods and services, including renewals, will remain the same as the bid amount unless the Bidder can provide proof of increase or decrease in labor, materials, insurance, etc., which exceeds five (5%) percent. Written documentation in the form of payroll records, receipts of materials, etc., shall be submitted to the County in order to substantiate the increase/decrease at least thirty (30) days prior to change.

The County reserves the right to have the materials delivered or to pick it up at the Bidder’s shipping point.

The award of this contract will be made to the Bidder who provides the lowest and best bid cost meeting specifications.
Funding is part of the 2015-2016 Budget.

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IFB 2938-13 Amendment 2

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