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AI- 6163   4. A. 4.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 05/13/2015  
IT Reorganization
Submitted By: Steve Waterman, Commissioners Court Admin
Department: Commissioners Court Admin  

Discuss and consider reorganizing the Information Technology Department (IT) to include: (1) renaming five position titles; (2) deleting two Programmer/Analyst positions; (3) creating and unfreezing two Systems Analyst positions; (4) creating and unfreezing one new Cisco Networking Specialist position; and (5) adjusting salaries on 13 positions plus adding one new full-time position.
The implementation of computer systems, networks, and Internet services has dramatically changed the technology landscape of the county departments over the past 20-years. The current organization of the Information Technology department was structured for a more conventional technology mission, and does not address the newer technologies that have evolved during recent years. Traditionally information technology focused upon large mainframe computers and terminals that used software that was developed in-house or used software developers that provided software for particular brands or types of computers. This is no longer the case, and most of these systems are being phased out or discontinued. Most manufacturers of this type of equipment have ceased the manufacture or support of these systems, and many are no longer in business. In the case of Nueces County, the main system for many years has been the Hewlett-Packard 3000 computer which was discontinued by Hewlett-Packard about five years ago. The Information Technology Department has been involved in the acquisition of new systems to replace those systems that were supported by the HP3000. The organization has changed very little in the personnel needed to support these applications. The organization of the department as currently structured does not have the personnel necessary to support the application systems in the future.
The implementation of new systems involves the complex integration of computer hardware, operating systems, application programs, databases, and networks. Each area requires specialized skills and training, and the ability to understand the overall systems integration processes required to insure each component works as designed. The proposed reorganization of the Information Technology Department includes the reclassification, realignment, and salary adjustments of certain positions to provide the skills necessary to support critical systems. These systems support the courts, district clerk, district attorney, county clerk, jail, as well as numerous other departments. The reorganization will enable Nueces County to be more competitive in the job market and attract individuals with the requisite experience and skills necessary to support the many complexities of the existing and future systems used within county departments. Ultimately the whole process is to provide the county departments the ability to utilize new systems to enter, store, and retrieve information that is accurate, reliable, dependable, and has a high degree of availability through multiple media types such as the Internet.

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IT Proposed Reorganization

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