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AI- 6137   4. A. 1.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 03/18/2015  
Department: Commissioners Court Admin  

Discuss and consider authorizing a two-year extension to the County Bank Depository Agreement and the County & District Clerk Court & Registry Funds Bank Depository Agreement pursuant to Texas Local Government Code 116.021 and 117.021; and related matters.
The statutes that govern selection of a bank depository were changed by the Texas Legislature in 2007. The law now provides that counties may renew an existing bank depository contract for an additional two-year term and, at that time, negotiate new interest rates and terms.

The Investment Committee unanimously recommends that the depository contracts with Frost Bank be renewed for an additional two-year term pursuant to Texas Local Government Code Sections 116.0219(a) and 117.021.

Attached are the extension agreements which maintains all pricing, fees, terms and conditions the same as the original agreements.

Budget Information
Information about available funds
Budgeted: Funds Available: Adjustment: Amount Available:
Unbudgeted: Funds NOT Available: Amendment:
Account Code(s) for Available Funds
Fund Transfers

Depository Agreements - Extension

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