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AI- 5759   4. E. 2.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 11/06/2014  
Authorize a Buyboard lease-purchase agreement with Holt Texas, Ltd. for a Caterpillar Motor Grader
Submitted By: Elsa Saenz, Purchasing Department
Department: Purchasing Department  

Authorize lease purchase agreement with Holt Cat for a Caterpillar Motor grader as bid through the TASB Buyboard Contract No. 268-07 to include Amendment No. 1 to agreement and warranty; discuss and consider resolution approving documents related to lease-purchase of Caterpillar Motor Grader, authorizing County Judge to execute documents and all other action necessary to carry out such transaction.
The Coastal Parks Department is in need of a Motor Grader to facilitate execution of its beach cleaning duties. Holt Texas, Ltd. was awarded a bid under the BuyBoard. Under the proposed lease-purchase agreement the County will make four (4) annual payments and at the end of the lease-purchase agreement will own the motor grader outright. The County, through its Coastal Parks department, will be responsible for any maintenance.
Cost of machine will be paid from Dept. 0180 over the course of four (4) years, the first payment is to be paid from the 2014-2015  Budget. Cost includes three (3) annual payments of $103,208.55 and a final payment of $1.00.

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