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AI- 5254   4. B. 1.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 04/30/2014  
Reclassification of Lieutenant position to Captain position
Submitted By: Cynthia Martinez, NCSO
Department: NCSO  

Discuss and consider reclassification of the ID Section, Dept. 3710, Lieutenant Position, to a Captain Position.
The current Lieutenant position is pay group LE 04/06. The new Captain position will be pay group LE 05/06. The fiscal impact on this job is $6,091.80 salary + $1,035.61 benefits = $7,127.41 total annual increase.
This Captain will assist with the operation of the Main Jail and the Annex, i.e.; Jail supervision, oversight, and operation, in addition to, supervising of the ID Bureau, overseeing the Court Coordinators and the Jail Booking Clerks.  As the head of a Department the responsibilities call for the ID Bureau rank to be that of Captain, the same as Warrants, Patrol, Training, Criminal Investigation Division and Jail.

The operation of LCS by the NCSO has created additional demands on my responsibilities as Sheriff to perform outside of the County Jail. General Revenue is supplemented by funds collected through the NCSO administration of the LCS contract. The operation of LCS has also increased the ID workload with greater responsibilities for providing oversight for the LCS Contract. The addition of another Captain will help provide outside inspections of LCS Facilities (LaVilla, Coastal Bend Detention Center).

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