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Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 02/26/2014  
Nueces County Coastal Parks 2014 Project Goals
Submitted By: Monica Rodriguez, Coastal Parks
Department: Coastal Parks  


Receive a presentation of the Nueces County Board of Coastal Parks Commissioners' Project Goals for calendar year 2014.

Annually the Nueces County Coastal Parks Board of Commissioners meet and review goals and objectives for the Nueces County Coastal Parks Department for the upcoming calendar year.  These goals and objectives are discussed and approved by the Board as a whole, with the intention of improving and maintaining superior public access, services and recreational opportunities; conserving the natural resources that are a draw and economic multiplier for eco tourism to our coastal bend community and surrounding businesses; and producing a continued increase in revenue generating capability.

The Department, under the leadership of the Board, consistently seeks out grant funding opportunities and establishment of collaboration/partnerships with various state, federal, university and non governmental entities both locally and throughout the Gulf Coast Shores.

The results of this vision are quantifiable in the departments ability to achieve continued fiscal growth and equally qualitative in the respect garnered from our state, federal and university counterparts which represents the voice of the public end user and that of the natural environment.

It is also note worthy that many of our counterparts within the local government of the Coastal Political Subdivisions seek us out annually for ideas, guidance and opinions on various operational issues and projects from as far south as Cameron County and north to Galveston County.

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