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Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 11/20/2013  
City of CC Request to Purchase 25 Lots on CR 73
Submitted By: Tyner Little, Commissioners Court Admin
Department: Commissioners Court Admin  

Discuss and consider the City of Corpus Christi's request to purchase 25 tax foreclosed vacant lots in the County Road 73 area of Nueces County.
The City of Corpus Christi has teamed up with the Nueces River authority to develop a Watershed Protection Plan.  Part of the plan is to identify environmental issues and implement corrective measures to assure the long-term health of the watershed and Nueces River Basin.  Acquiring these lots would allow the City to place conservation easements on the properties and clean them as necessary.
The City is offering 10% of the total assessed value of the properties or $9,183.

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City Request Letter
25 Lot Property List
Map of 25 Lots
Bid Analysis provided by Marvin
Bid Spreadsheet provided by Marvin

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