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AI- 4738   4. C. 1.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 10/23/2013  
MOU between Corpus Christi Police Department & Nueces County
Submitted By: Daniel Perez, NCSO
Department: NCSO  

Discuss and consider approval of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Corpus Christi Police Department and the Nueces County Sheriff's Office for the use of the Corpus Christi Police Department firearms range.
Nueces County does not own or operate a firearms range for training, but the Corpus Christi Police Department does. Previously the Corpus Christi Police Department has granted use of the facility in acceptance of assistance in maintaining the facility through the Sheriff's Office Jail Industries Program Inmates Services.  

CCPD grants the Sheriff's Office use of the firing range and in exchange the Sheriff's Office will provide assistance for the upkeep of the firing range, supplies and any other assistance the participant is willing to provide through the use of Jail Industries inmate services.

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MOUFCCPD Firing Range

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