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AI- 4679   4. B. 5.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 09/18/2013  
Accepting grant from Criminal Justice Division for Juvenile Accountability Block Grant Program
Submitted By: Deanna Saldana, Juvenile Department
Department: Juvenile Department  

Discuss and consider acceptance of a grant award from the Governor's Criminal Justice Division for the Juvenile Accountability Block Grant Program, also known as the Probation Rules Enforcement Program.
The Probation Rules Enforcement Program Grant has been offered and approved by the CJD for the past twelve (12) years. Each year the funding for this grant has decreased and general fund match has increased for the salary and fringe benefits of the PREP officer.  For budget year 2013-2014, the Commissioners Court approved to transfer the PREP officer position from main grant department to general fund department - 3480 Juvenile Probation.
The amount awarded by CJD for the PREP grant for fiscal year 2013-2014 is $10,840.00. The total amount awarded will be transferred to general fund. The Juvenile Probation Department will continue to submit applications to CJD as long as they are being offered and these funds will be transferred to general fund.

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