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AI- 4615   4. D. 2.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 08/27/2013  
Fixed Assets
Submitted For: Dale Atchley Submitted By: Telma Lopez, County Auditor
Department: County Auditor  

Discuss and consider updating the fixed assets exception list.
The exception list has items that Purchasing Department does not keep track and there are items that need to be added for tracking purposes.
With the purpose to maintain the record on all items which cost less than $5,000 and prepare the information affecting fixed assets inventory, the exception list needs to be updated by removing: monitors, palm pilots, scanners, cash registers, chargers, welding machines, televisions, light bars, refrigerators/freezers, typewriters and floor buffers/scrubbers.  These are items costing less than $5,000 that Purchasing Department needs to keep tracking:  Tablets, video projectors, trailers requiring license plate, all-terrain vehicles (ATV's) and printers that are over $250.  The new exception list will help on those assets that need to be tracked and perform all the duties to safeguard public assets.

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