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AI- 4265   4. B. 2.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 04/10/2013  
Stone Garden
Submitted By: Monica Reyes, Grants Department
Department: Grants Department  

Discuss and consider authorizing execution of a Grant Adjustment Notice and Terms and Conditions with the Texas Division of Emergency Management for the FY 2011 Operation Stonegarden grant award.
The FY 2011 Operation Stonegarden Grant (OPSG-11) Program from the United States Department of Homeland Security provides funding to eligible localities to enhance cooperation and coordination between federal and local law enforcement agencies in a joint mission to secure the United States borders. Funds can be used for law enforcement overtime and certain law enforcement operating expenses, including equipment, related to border security operations.

Nueces County received a FY 2009 OPSG grant in the amount of $823,944 on January 6, 2010. The County also received a FY 2010 OPSG grant in the amount of $682,448 on June 15, 2011. On May 23, 2012, the Commissioners Court accepted the FY 2011 award in the amount of $818,344.

The approved budget will cover operational overtime, fringe benefits, vehicles, laptops, radars, and other related equipment. Mechanisms and a department code has been established to track and request reimbursement through county policies and Auditor’s procedures and recommendations.
Nueces County requested an extension to the performance period for the 2011 Operation Stonegarden project. Nueces County has just begun expending funds from the 2011 grant We had been in the process of spending the 2009 and 2010 grant funds, of which a supplemental award had been given that substantially increased the amount we had to spend However, our current Sub-recipient Agreement expires August 31 , 2013 and unfortunately, that would not give us enough time to expend all the funds available to us. Another reason for the delay in spending the 2011 funds is the lapse of time between the grant award and the execution of the Sub-recipient Agreement. Although the performance period for the 2011 grant began on September 1, 2011, the Agreement was not executed until May 23, 2012, over 8 months later.

For the above reasons, an extension was granted from August 31, 2012 to December 31, 2012. There is no fiscal impact related to this agenda item. The total grant award is $818,344.00. No cash match is required on this grant. All expenses incurred will be reimbursed from the grant.

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