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AI- 4183   3. K.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 03/13/2013  
Authorize/Execute Amendment No. 1 to IFB No. 2913-12 Uniform Rentals, Floor Mats, Shop Towels, Linens, and Scrubs contract with Unifirst Corporation.
Submitted By: Elsa Saenz, Purchasing Department
Department: Purchasing Department  

Authorize/Execute Amendment No. 1 to contract with Unifirst Corporation for IFB No. 2913-12 Uniform Rentals, Floor Mats, Shop Towels, Linens, and Scrubs.
The contract is to furnish rented uniforms for 219 employees in nine different departments, scrap rags, towels, mop heads, scrapers, floormats, aprons, sheets, and pillow cases.

The contract is for an initial term period of twenty-four (24) months with the option to renew in twelve (12) month increments, not to exceed three (3) additional years past the initial term.

Unifirst Corporation is recommending a welder uniform that is different than what was specified.  The welder uniform is a manufactured industry standard.  The cost for providing this uniform with remain as originally quoted.

The cost is paid from the FY 2012/2013 department budgets that use the services.

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IFB 2913-12 amendment 1
IFB 2913-12 contract

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