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AI- 4016   4. D. 5.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 01/02/2013  
Federal Equitable Sharing Agrmt & Cert - Sheriff
Submitted For: Margaret L. Hayes Submitted By: Thelma Lopez, County Auditor
Department: County Auditor  

Discuss and consider approving the Federal Equitable Sharing Agreement & Certification for Nueces County Sheriff's Office.
Nueces County law enforcement agencies and district attorney frequently join forces with the federal agencies to investigate drug trafficking.  When these investigations lead to seizure of assets, the local agencies can partake in the distribution of any assets only if there is an equitable sharing agreement and annual certifications filed.  Our local law enforcement agencies have maintained equitable sharing agreements with the federal goverment for many years and request approval to continue.  This report is electronically filed to the US Departmnt of Justice and was due 11/30/12.
The internal audit department has reviewed these accounts and found the information accurate without exceptions.  We recommend approving the equitabl sharing agreement and certification for the Nueces County Sheriff Department.

Budget Information
Information about available funds
Budgeted: Funds Available: Adjustment: Amount Available:
Unbudgeted: Funds NOT Available: Amendment:
Account Code(s) for Available Funds
Fund Transfers

Sheriff - Fed Equitable Sharing Agrmnt & Cert

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