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AI- 3989   4. D. 3.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 01/02/2013  
Create Roving Court Reporter Position
Submitted By: Steve Waterman, Commissioners Court Admin
Department: Commissioners Court Admin  

Discuss and consider authorizing creation and unfreezing of a roving court reporter position to be shared by the 347th District Court and the Magistrate/Drug/Jail Court department.
Currently there are three roving court reporter positions with one being shared between the 28th District Court and 148th District Court; one shared between the 94th District Court and 117th District Court; and one shared between the 214th District Court and 319th District Court.  The 105th District Court, which covers Nueces, Kleberg & Kenedy Counties, does not have a roving court reporter due to split duties with the other Counties.  The 347th District Court is the only District Court other than the 105th that does not have or share a roving court reporter.  Additionally, the Magistrate/Drug/Jail Court does not have an assigned court reporter to provide coverage when a record of the Court is required.

On November 30, 2012 the roving court reporter for the 214th & 319th District Courts retired.  That court reporter had 30 years of service and was paid at the highest level of pay.  The replacement court reporter will start at the low end of the salary schedule and, as such, the annual salary savings will be over $31,000.  It is proposed that a fourth roving court reporter position be created and shared by the 347th District Court and the Magistrate/Drug/Jail Court.  The salary and benefits savings from the retired court reporter will pay 68% of the cost of the new position and the Magistrate/Drug/Jail Court department will pay 32% of the salary & benefits.

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