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Commissioners Court - Special Meeting
Meeting Date: 11/27/2012  
Reclassify & Rename Accountant Position
Submitted For: Margaret L. Hayes Submitted By: Thelma Lopez, County Auditor
Department: County Auditor  

Discuss and consider request from county auditor's office to reclassify the position of Accountant from Pay Group 21 to Pay Group 24 and to rename the position Benefits Accountant.
The accountant position is responsible for reconciling the medical insurance invoices to the general ledger, making payments to the TPA, life insurance companies, transferring employer and employee group medical insurance premiums to the self-insurance fund after reconciling the payroll deductions to enrollment roster, serve as liaison between the TPA and county employees, perform all bookkeeping on the Group Medical Insurance Fund, serve on the open enrollment executive committee, and act as lead accountant for child protective services grants. This position requires a bachelor degree and is classified as Pay Group 21 with an annual amount of $34,091.20.
The amount of detail required to keep track of and ensure the proper classification in financial systems of the details is overwhelming for persons not trained in the accounting field. This position has recently become vacant and the beginning salary is in need of updating in order to attract applicants with the right skill set. At a minimum, this position should be at a Pay Group 24 with an annual amount of $39,332.80 in order to hire a beginning accountant.
In addition to reclassifying the pay, the job title of Benefits Accountant will replace the current title in order to better communicate the responsibilities.

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