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AI- 3809   4. A. 5.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 10/24/2012  
DSHS Remote Vital Records
Submitted By: Diana Barrera, County Clerk
Department: County Clerk  

Discuss and consider approval of contract with the Department of State Health Services for providing on-line computer services for the issuance of certification of vital records (birth certificates).

The Nueces Clerk's Office has been utilizing this service since November 1992. The product allows the County Clerk's Office to log into the vital records database, search the name, and if found, print the information on special bond paper located in the Clerk's Office. 

The cost charged by DSHS for any birth certificate printed will be $1.83. This will be an increase of $.03. The Nueces County Clerk's Office collects a statutory payment of $22.00.  The County Clerk's Office is billed monthly for all charges accrued in that month.

This service allows the County Clerk's Office to issue certifications of birth for any person who was born in the State of Texas.


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