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AI- 3788   4. A. 8.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 10/10/2012  
Texas General Land Office 2013 Beach Cleaning Contract
Submitted By: Ginny Gunderson, Commissioner Pct 4
Department: Commissioner Pct 4  

Discuss and consider adopting a resolution authorizing execution of application with the State of Texas for beach cleaning reimbursement.
Nueces County has annually applied for and received reimbursement to assist with beach cleaning operations.  This program created by section 61 of the Texas Natural Resource Code and administered by the Texas General Land Office.
There are several requirements for th ereimbursement contract including: 

1.  The County must have a duly constituted body administering an effective program for keeping the beaches clean, this body is the Nueces County Board of Park Commissioners.

2.  The funds must be safeguarded  In the case of Nueces County Clerk Tresury is responsible for the protection of all public funds.

3.  The Nueces County Coastal Parks must file reports and billing as required and a billing proceedure has been implemented.

4.  Enterance to the beach must be free.  There are no fees for entry onto any portion of the Nueces County Beaches.

5.  Nueces County must maintain one or more coastal beaches.  The County currently maintains three parks, Padre Balli, I.B. Magee and Bates Beach.

Budget Information
Information about available funds
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Unbudgeted: Funds NOT Available: Amendment:
Account Code(s) for Available Funds
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Beach cleaning contract

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