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Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 10/10/2012  
Right of Way Agreements
Submitted By: Steve Waterman, Commissioners Court Admin
Department: Commissioners Court Admin  

Discuss and consider adopting a resolution authorizing the County Judge to execute three agreements between the Texas Department of Transportation and Nueces County related to the County's contribution of Right of Way Funds for improvements to US 77.
The improvements to US Highway 77 are being completed by TXDOT and after the improvements are complete US 77 with be designated I-69.  Since the State is doing the work and purchasing the Right of Way, Local Government is require by State Statute to contribute 10% of the Right of Way costs. 

The attached three agreements set forth the estimated cost of the County's 10% share of the Right of Way acquisition and utility adjustments.  The three agreements represent following separate segments of the work to completed:
   1.  US 77 from CR 16 to FM 3354 - County estimated cost share is $880,000.
   2.  US 77 from FM 3354 to Kleberg County Line - County estimated cost share is $620,000.
   3.  US 77 from FM 892 to S of CR 28 - County estimated cost share is $900,000.

The County's estimated total cost share will be $2,400,000. Pursuant to 43 TAC section 15.52 the local governments share of the cost can be made in three incremental annual payments. Funding for the first increment in the amount of $800,000 is due to TxDot on or before October 31, 2012.

Funding for the FY 2012-2013 increment will be as follows: $600,000 from the Road Right of Way Fund (Dept 0123); and $200,000 from the Capital Projects Fund (Dept 1901), Project No. 190101 - Misc Project.

Budget Information
Information about available funds
Budgeted: Funds Available: Adjustment: Amount Available: $800,000
Unbudgeted: Funds NOT Available: Amendment:
Account Code(s) for Available Funds
Fund Transfers
Fiscal Impact:
Dept 0123 - $600,000, Dept 1901-190101 - $200,000

Proposed Right of Way Project
Resolution for Right of Way

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