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AI- 3696   4. D. 4.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 09/19/2012  
Supplemental Pay Request for four employees
Submitted By: Diana Barrera, County Clerk
Department: County Clerk  

Discuss and consider increasing supplemental pay for the Chief Deputy, Treasury Accountant, and Supervisor Accounting Assistant positions; authorizing adding supplemental pay for Elections and Archival Manager position with all supplemental pay being funded by the County Clerk Records Management Fund.
The following are positions in the County Clerk's office that receive supplemental pay from funds derived from a Special Revenue Fund, Dept. 1315, County Clerk Records Management Fund. These positions oversee some functions of the program and have been receiving supplements for several years as a way to bring them up to a comparable salary to their counterparts in other county departments.

The County Clerk is requesting consideration to increase these supplements by 2% so that their overall salary can still maintain that equitable salary of their counterparts. Please note that the increase is going to be paid exclusively from a Special Revenue Fund, Department 1315, County Clerk Records Management Fund.

Dept.    Position                           Supplement Amount     2% Increase Request
1160    Chief Deputy                    13,875                            277.50
1170    Chief Accountant                4,042                              80.84
1170    Supv., Accounting Asst.      2,871                              57.42

Additionally, as County Clerk, I am requesting authorization to begin adding supplemental pay in the amount of $5,240.35 annually to the Elections and Records Archival Manager position, Pay Group 20/3. The increase is equivalent to a Pay Group 23/3. The supplement would also be derived from Dept. 1315, County Clerk Records Management Fund.

This position oversees the Elections Department as they administer all elections, and the day-to-day supervision of maintaining all of the County Clerk's Records pursuant to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission’s Records Control Schedules. This department maintains a very aggressive records program by maintaining the records through its lifecycle thereby following through with the destruction of the records once they’ve met retention dates.

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