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Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 09/19/2012  
Leasing cost of electronic voting machines
Submitted By: Diana Barrera, County Clerk
Department: County Clerk  

Discuss and consider approving an election equipment lease fee in the amount of $200.00 per machine for the leasing of electronic voting equipment to governing bodies for use in their elections.
After the electronic voting equipment was initially purchased in July, 2005, Nueces County hired Adelfino Palacios, CPA, to assist the County Clerk’s Office in establishing a fee structure when leasing voting equipment to the political subdivisions for use in their elections.  

Many factors including depreciation cost per year on the equipment purchase, yearly expenses associated with the maintenance of the equipment, machine usage in a two-year cycle, for a total per machine cost. 

The Commissioners Court initially voted to assess a charge of $133 per voting machine on March 6, 2006, and then again increased the cost to $160 at the Court's February 28, 2009 Commissioners Court Meeting.

The County Clerk's office has once again updated all the costs associated with those factors established ($199.00), and are recommending that the Court set the fee at $200 per voting machine leased. 

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