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AI- 3563   4. D. 1.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 08/08/2012  
Award IFB No. 2909-12 Copy Paper, Computer Paper, NCR Paper, & Envelopes
Submitted By: Elsa Saenz, Purchasing Department
Department: Purchasing Department  

Discuss/Award IFB No. 2909-12 Copy Paper, Computer Paper, NCR Paper, & Envelopes.
Contract is for furnishing copy paper (white and colors), computer paper, NCR paper, and envelopes for the County.  The term of this contract will be for twelve (12) months and may be renewed for an additional twelve (12) month period, by mutual agreement of the parties. Contract may be terminated by either party with thirty (30) day written notice.  Items will be awarded on a lowest unit price basis and awarded item by item or on a total basis, whichever is deemed most advantageous to the County.

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