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AI- 10416   4. A. 6.    
Commissioners Court - Regular
Meeting Date: 03/13/2019  
Balance Companies Public Adjuster Proposal
Submitted For: Timothy Everest Submitted By: Regina Powers, Risk Management
Department: Risk Management  

Discuss and consider adopting an order granting an exemption under Section 262.024 under the Texas Local Government Code; Discuss and consider selection of public insurance adjuster Balance Companies, LLC; Discuss and consider authorizing approval with Balance Companies, LLC to assist with preparation, presentation, and adjustment of insurance claims related to Hurricane Harvey and related matters.
Balance Companies an Insurance Public Adjuster seeks approval from the court to review Nueces County Post Hurricane Insurance claim currently be handle by ARMIRC Inc.  Under direction from previous County Judge, Judge Neal, the county’s insurance claim was being handled by the Risk Management Department.  To date, the county has only received $1.5 million in insurance money from known hurricane damages.  It is now 18 months later, Nueces County still has properties that have not been repaired due to the laboriously difficult insurance process.
Consider for possible approval, authorizing Balance Companies to review Nueces County’s Hurricane Harvey Windstorm Claim.  In addition to known damages, Balance Companies also wishes to review all county properties for unknown Hurricane Harvey related damages which had not been previously identified.  Balance Companies shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of the total amount of new money.

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