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December 16, 2015

The Nueces County Commissioners Court will meet on the above date at 9:15 a.m. in the Commissioners Courtroom, 3rd floor, Nueces County Courthouse, 901 Leopard, Corpus Christi, Texas.

                   SAMUEL L. NEAL, JR.       COUNTY JUDGE
                   MIKE PUSLEY       COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT NO. 1
                   JOE A. GONZALEZ       COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT NO. 2
                   OSCAR O. ORTIZ       COMMISSIONER, PRECINCT NO. 3





CONSENT AGENDA: At most meetings, the Commissioners Court establishes a Consent Agenda. It consists of those Agenda Items which are routine or non-controversial, and which neither a member of the Commissioners Court nor the public has asked to be pulled for discussion. Once the Commissioners Court has established the Consent Agenda, Agenda Items included on it will be voted upon in one vote, and will not be discussed separately unless requested by the County Judge, Commissioner, or a citizen.

EXECUTIVE SESSION: The Commissioners Court may go into Executive Session to discuss those matters listed anywhere on the Agenda or as otherwise permitted by law.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Members of the public will have the opportunity to address the Commissioners Court during this section on any Agenda Item or any subject within its jurisdiction except a matter related to pending litigation. Each speaker should sign in on the Public Comment Sheet available at the rear of the Courtroom at least five (5) minutes before commencement of the Commissioners Court meeting. Speakers should limit their comments to two (2) minutes. The County Judge may, if he deems it necessary, limit both the number of speakers and the time allotted to each speaker. Under the law, the Commissioners Court may only take action on items specifically listed on the Agenda. Subject matter presented which is not part of the Agenda will be referred to the appropriate department for review and subsequent action. Materials submitted during public hearings will not be returned unless prior arrangements have been made through the County Clerk, with the approval of the County Judge. At least ten (10) copies of any document to be used by any speaker should be available for distribution. The speaker’s name and, if applicable, Agenda Item number should be clearly marked on such documents. Public Comment for items not on the Agenda will normally be held at the end of the meeting.

ADJOURNMENTS IN MEMORY: The Commissioners Court may adjourn the meeting in memory of deceased community leaders, County employees, and other distinguished persons. Requests for Adjournment in Memory may be made through any County Commissioner or the County Judge.

AUXILIARY AIDS OR SERVICES: Persons with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting of the Commissioners Court, and who may need special assistance, services or auxiliary aids, should contact the Office of the Nueces County Judge (361-888-0444) at least forty-eight (48) hours ahead of the meeting so that appropriate arrangements can be made.




County Judge calls for the Invocation.


Pledge of Allegiance to the United States of America and Texas Flags.


County Judge will call roll, note date, time, and location of meeting, and certify a quorum is present.

D. Approve the following Minutes:
1.    a. November 13, 2015
 b. November 18, 2015
 c. December 2, 2015
November 13, 2015
November 18, 2015
December 2, 2015 minutes
E. Present the following Certificate(s) of Recognition:
1.   Adelita T. Gonzalez, District Clerk's Office, retiring after 37 years of service to Nueces County.
2.   Ruth M. Reid, 9 Years of Service, Nueces County Dispute Resolution Services.
Ruth Reid certificate


1.   Receive a presentation from the Department of Public Works related to the new Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Plain Maps.
2. PUBLIC COMMENT: This section provides the public the opportunity to address the Commissioners Court on any issues within its jurisdiction. The Commissioners Court may not take formal action on any requests made during the Public Comment period which are not on the Agenda, but can refer such requests to County staff for review if appropriate.
3. CONSENT AGENDA: The following Agenda Items are of a routine nature, and the Commissioners Court has received supporting materials for consideration. All of these Agenda Items will be passed with one vote without being discussed separately, unless a member of the Commissioners Court or the public requests that a particular Agenda Item be discussed. If so, that Agenda Item will be pulled from the Consent Agenda and discussed as part of the regular Agenda at the appropriate time. One vote will approve the remaining items on the Consent Agenda.
A.   Authorize payment of bills - manual check registers dated November 23, 2015 - December 8, 2015.
Manuel Ck Reg
B.   Authorize payment of bills - regular bill summaries dated November 24, 2015, November 30, 2015, December 3, 2015, December 4, 2015, and December 11, 2015.
Ck Reg 11-24-15
Ck Reg 11-30-15
Ck Reg 12-03-15
Ck Reg 12-04-15
Ck Reg 12-11-15
C.   Authorize payment of bills - special motions list dated December 16, 2015.
Special Motions List
Special Motions Backup
D.   Approve personnel actions of a budgeted nature:
1. Temp List No. 723.
2. Personnel Changes reports dated November 27, 2015 and December 4, 2015.
Unfreeze List #723
Personnel Changes Report 11-27-15
Personnel Changes Report - 12-04-15
E.   Authorize payment of bills - group health insurance claims and fees: monthly - November 2015 and weekly - December 3, 2015.
Group Health - Dec wkly
Group Health - Nov mthly
F.   Accept the following "Outside Agency" and "Family Protection Fee" Reports for FY 2014-2015:
 1. Robstown Area Development Commission (RADC)
 2. Spaulding for Children
 3. The ARK Assessment Center and Emergency Shelter
Robstown Area Development Commission (RADC) - FY14/15 Outside Agency Report
Spaulding for Children - FY14/15 Outside Agency Report
The ARK - FY14/15 Outside Agency Report
The ARK - FY14/15 Family Protection Fee Report
G.   Authorize a DIR TEX-AN-NG CTSA 005 purchase of installation services for AT&T circuits to support the operation of the new IP telephone system.
AT&T IP Flexible Reach VoIP Quote
H.   Authorize the Maintenance Agreement with CBM Archives to provide software licensing of the imaging software and technical support of the system.
CBM Agreement
I.   Approve execution of amendment to the Radio Communications System Interlocal Agreement between the City of Corpus Christi, the Regional Transportation Authority, and Nueces County to include the Nueces County Emergency Services District No. 3 as a participant.
NCESD#3 Agreement
J.   Approve execution of amendment to the Radio Communications System Interlocal Agreement between the City of Corpus Christi, the Regional Transportation Authority, and Nueces County to include the Nueces County Emergency Services District No. 6 as a participant.
NCESD#6 Agreement
K.   Approve reclassification of Treasury Department (1170) Pay Group 19 Supervisory Accounting Assistant II position, to remove supplemental pay of $112.63 per pay period budgeted from Records Management Department (1315) and reprogram Benefits Fund dollars to result in a permanent position increase to Pay Group 21 and no loss of pay for current employee.
L.   Approve removing Chief Deputy supplemental pay budgeted from Records Management Department (1315).
M.   Approve execution of an agreement with ICSolutions for RFP 2983-14 Inmate Coinless & Public Coin Telephone Service.
RFP 2983-14 agreement
N.   Authorize TASB BuyBoard State Contract No. 501-15 purchase with Schindler Elevator Corporation to replace obsolete door equipment and door operator upgrade (MAC).
Schindler quote
O.   Authorize TASB BuyBoard State Contract No. 461-14 purchase with ProTech Mechanical, Inc. to replace coils, valves, and controllers for eight air handler units at the Main Jail.
Protech Jail quote
P.   Authorize TASB BuyBoard State Contract No. 461-14 purchase with ProTech Mechanical, Inc. to replace condenser coils in Ballroom A, Ballroom B, and Exhibit Hall A at the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds.
Ballroom "A" - Protech Quote
Ballroom "B" - Protech Quote
Exhibit Hall "A" - Protech Quote
Q.   Approve execution of Amendment No. 2 with Advance’d Temporaries, Inc. for IFB No. 2921-12 Personnel Services Agreement.
IFB 2921-12 Amendment 2
R.   Approve execution of Amendment No. 2 with EPIC Aviation, LLC for IFB No. 2947-13 Aviation Fuel for Nueces County Airport.
IFB 2947-13 Amendment 2
S.   Approve the application procedure for the Nueces County Airport Advisory Board.
County Airport Advisory Board




1.   Receive a presentation from Office of Emergency Management on the long term recovery efforts related to May/June severe weather.
2.   Discuss and consider approval of purchase of radios utilizing funds from previously approved FY 2014 State Homeland Security Program (SHSP).
Radio Sole Source Letter
Daily Wells Quote - Updated
Radio Allocation
3.   Discuss and consider approval and execution of real estate sales agreement for property located at 1826 Cliff Maus Drive, Corpus Christi, Texas.
4.   Discuss and consider authorizing execution of Personal Service Contracts with Trace Finley and Terry Arnold for the purpose of providing strategic planning, consulting, and governmental relations services.
Trace Finley - FY15/16 Contract
Terry Arnold - FY15/16 Contract
5.   Discuss and consider ratifying the settlement agreement with the U.S. Department of Labor for payment of overtime back wages at the Sheriff's office and related matters.
6.   Discuss and consider approval of a License Agreement with Koch Pipeline, LLC, allowing the placement of temporary wire-line for the guidance of directional boring on adjacent property of Lone Oak Park in Northwestern Nueces County.
Koch License Agreement Draft
7.   Discuss and consider approval of an Electronic Recording Memorandum of Understanding with Corporation Service Company (CSC) and PropertyInfo, for the purposes of electronic submission of documents for filing with the Nueces County Clerk.
MOU Electronic Recording
8.   Discuss and consider approval of the Data Use Agreement between the Texas Health and Human Services Enterprise and Nueces County.
Data Use Agreement
9.   Discuss and consider approval of PropertyInfo statement of work (SOW) for Military Discharge (DD-214) Image Grouping, Indexing, and Verification Project.
Military Discharge Statement of Work
1.   Discuss and consider the acceptance of Amendment No. 3 to Grant No. F13AF00079 from U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the Fairgrounds and Upper Oso Drainage Control Phase II project, part of the Coastal Impact Assistance Program (CIAP) grant program.
Amendment #3 to CIAP 2009/2010 Fairgrounds project
2.   Discuss and consider ratifying the submission of a grant application to the Texas Department of Emergency Management for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) for FEMA-4223-DR.
1.   Discuss and consider (1) the selection of International Consulting Engineers and (2) the approval of an Engineering Services Contract for the preparation of plans and construction inspection of the rehabilitation of County Road 40 (Texas Yes Blvd.), from U.S. Highway 77, east to the Robstown City Limits.
Engineering Services Contract International Consulting Engineers
2.   Discuss and consider approval of the plat for The Plains Unit 4 subdivision.
Plat of The Plains Unit 4
1.   Discuss and consider termination of Security Services Agreement with AMTEX Security, Inc., effective immediately.
2.   Discuss and consider authorizing advertisement for bids for contract Security Services for the Interior and Exterior of the Courthouse, the Juvenile Probation Facility, and the Keach Family Library.
1.   Approve Budget Change Order No. 04 for Fiscal Year 2015-2016.
BCO #4 List
BCO #4 Backup
2.   Approve Capital Projects Budget Change Order No. 55.
Capital Project BCO#55
3.   Approve Asset Forfeiture reports for FY 2015 for Nueces County District Attorney, Constable Pct. 3, and Constable Pct. 4.
Ch.59 - Constable Pct. 3
Ch.59 - Constable Pct. 4
Ch.59 - District Attorney
4.   Discuss and consider changing the exempt employee pay periods from 24 semi-monthly to 26 bi-weekly starting on January 15, 2016.
Exempt Employee Pay Periods
5.   Present and discuss Sungard software for Applicant online and Employee online; and status on Executime implementation.
AO EO and PAF Status
5. EXECUTIVE SESSION: PUBLIC NOTICE  is given that the Commissioners Court may elect to go into an Executive Session anytime during the meeting to discuss matters listed on the Agenda, when authorized by the provisions of the Open Meetings Act, Chapter 551 of the Texas Government Code. In the event the Commissioners Court elects to go into Executive Session regarding an agenda item, the section or sections of the Open Meetings Act authorizing the Executive Session will be publicly announced by the presiding officer. In accordance with the authority of the Government Code, Vernon’s Texas Codes, Sections 551.071, 551.072, 551.073, 551.074, 551.0745, 551.076, 551.086, 551.087, the Commissioners Court will hold an Executive Session to consult with attorney(s) including matters related to litigation; deliberate regarding real property, prospective gift(s), personnel matters, including termination, county advisory bodies, security devices, and/or economic development negotiations and other matters that may be discussed in an Executive Session. Upon completion of the Executive Session, the Commissioners Court may in an open session take such action as appropriate on items discussed in an Executive Session.
A.   Discuss and consider status of Cause No. 2015-DCV-6225-A; Eric D. Hillman v. Nueces County and the Texas Workforce Commission, In the 28th Judicial District Court of Nueces County, Texas and related matters.
B.   Discuss and consider settlement of Cause No. 2012-CCV-61869-3, Felicitas Castro v. Nueces County, Texas, In the County Court at Law No. 3 of Nueces County, Texas; authorize the County Judge to sign the settlement agreement and related matters.
C.   Consult with the county attorney and receive advice regarding the new handgun law effective January 1, 2016; discuss upgrading and enhancing the overall security of the Nueces County Courthouse and all county buildings as it relates to the new law and take action as needed including an appropriate Order.
D.   Discuss and consider an Order authorizing the County Judge to execute the Professional Services Agreement (Contingent Fee Special Counsel for Civil Environmental Enforcement) with the law firm of Hilliard Munoz Gonzales LLP and Anthony Constant and the Constant Law Firm to represent Nueces County in legal matters involving unauthorized air emissions by Volkswagen in Nueces County and related matters.
E.   Discuss and consider authorizing the County Attorney to request approval of the Professional Services Agreement from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts and related matters.
F.   Discuss and consider pending lawsuit Civil Action No. 2:15-CV-452, Sam Balboa v. City of Bishop, Texas, Reynaldo Cortez, Individually, Nueces County, Texas; and F. Martinez, Individually, In the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Corpus Christi, Division; and related matters.
G.   Discuss and consider sub leasing space rented by the County from the RTA to save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and related matters.


A.   Nueces County Beach Management Advisory Committee
NC Beach Management Advisory Committee
Tray Bates - BMAC
Fred Dotts - BMAC
Patricia Eisenhauer - BMAC
Gabriele Hilpold - BMAC
Debbie Lindsey-Opel - BMAC
Greg Smith - BMAC
B.   Nueces County Child Welfare Board
Nueces County Child Welfare Board
Rebecca Ramirez-Child Welfare Bd.
C.   Nueces County Emergency Services District No. 3
ESD No. 3
David Mason - Letter of interest for reappointment
D.   Nueces County Emergency Services District No. 6
Nueces County ESD #6
Donny McNair - ESD6

Adjournment in Memory (upon request)

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